DR.HC Bye Bye Acne 2 In 1 Serum (40ml, 1.4 fl.oz.) (Anti-acne, Exfoliating, Oil-balancing, Anti-inflammatory...)

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No longer need a serum then a moisturizer! This 2-in-1 bottle works as both a serum and a moisturizer and is perfect for those who are struggling with breakouts. The 2-in-1 serum contains a maximum concentration of 2% of Salicylic Acid, one of the most powerful acne-fighting ingredients. Also featured with anti-inflammatory Organic Herbal infusion as well as Vitamin B5 in order to maximize the anti-acne benefits, the serum attacks all 4 causes of acne including bacteria + clogged pores + excessive oil + inflammation. This formula is not only effective but also gentle enough for sensitive skin, helping you revitalize clear, smooth, supple, and healthy skin. 


  • All skin types (oily, dry, normal, combination) 
  • Also perfect for super-oily and super-dry skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Skin with breakouts



  • Anti-acne. Kills acne bacteria and calms down your breakouts.
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Oil Balancing
  • Gently exfoliating to remove dead skin cells and open clogged pores
  • Skin revitalizing
  • Hydrating
  • Moisturizing  
  • Others: Anti-aging, Softening, Non-comedogenic



  • POINT 1: Maximized with 2% Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid is scientifically proven to be effective to fight acne and pimples.
  • POINT 2:  Combined with Organic/ Natural Herbal infusion that provides anti-inflammatory and skin revitalizing benefits, naturally calms down your breakouts.
  • POINT 3: Featured with Vitamin B5 which is helpful to acne skin by providing hydrating, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and skin cell stimulating benefits.
  • POINT 4: Clean & non-toxic formula. Paraben-free, Dye-free, Fragrance-free, Mineral Oil - free, etc. 
  • POINT 5:  Convenient All-in-one formula. Forget multi-step acne skincare! After face wash, you can use a toner then this serum, or you can even use this serum right after face wash.
  • POINT 6:  Good for all skin types even super-oily/ super-dry skin since it deeply hydrates but never clogs pores or leaves a greasy after-feel.


★SALICYLIC ACID (BHA): is scientifically proven to be helpful in fighting acne and pimples. It is also a gentle exfoliant with the ability to help skin shed dead cells and clear pores. In addition, it can also help balance oil and tone skin. This product was formulated with a maximum content of salicylic acid 2% in order to maximize acne-fighting effects. 

★ORGANIC/ NATURAL HERBAL INFUSION:  Wild Geranium, Gotu Kola, Dandelion and Horsetail herbal infusion is well-known to naturally eliminate dead cells, providing antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties, making them beneficial for reducing breakouts, skin irritation, and skin infections. They also help tighten the skin, promote the regeneration of new skin, and diminish signs of aging. 

★VITAMIN B5: is helpful to acne skin by providing hydrating and retaining moisture while never clogging your pores. It also improves the skin's natural barrier function as well as provides anti-inflammatory properties which is extremely beneficial to skin with breakouts. In addition, Vitamin B5 helps stimulate skin cells, therefore resulting in newly revitalized skin that is clearer, smoother, and healthier.



HOW TO USE: Shake well before use. After face wash and then a toner, apply an appropriate amount to the entire face and allow it to naturally dry. Paired well with our BYE BYE ACNE FACE CLEANSING GELATO to effectively fight acne and pimples

WHEN TO USECan be used daily. Can be used under makeup.

    ORDER TO APPLY:   Cleanser Toner → BYE BYE ACNE 2 IN 1 SERUM 

      HOW TO STORE: Good to keep at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight.


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